Intentionally attract more of the clients you love the most.

Experience Shared Purpose®

Experience Shared Purpose®

Every great entrepreneur has those moments of slow-motion magic in which you’re Nailing It.

Something big is unfolding real-time. You’re incredibly present, all the while floating above thinking, “holy smokes, we’re nailing it right now.”

The challenge?
It’s tough to read the label from inside the jar…

When you’re in that zone, there’s a unique recurring pattern of behavior in play. It’s the step-one-two-three delivery system for doing your best work in your best relationships. We call it your Intrinsic Value CycleTM.

Every great organization has an Intrinsic Value Cycle. Yet, even the savviest, high-impact entrepreneurs often aren’t aware the pattern exists.

If you’re not sure how you landed In-the-Zone, how do you get back there on purpose?

The Shared Purpose Cycle is a brand development and brand coaching methodology that cracks the code on your Intrinsic Value Cycle.

Through deep discovery, we excavate your unique recurring cycle. Then we name it and give it back to you as your Unique Story: 

specific language and concepts that allow you to predictably attract Shared Purpose® relationships.

Shared Purpose® Relationships

  • Gratitude flows in both directions
  • The give/receive dynamic flows so naturally, you forget who hired who.