Is Brand Leak™ holding you back?

Brand Leak is when the true nature of what makes you different isn’t getting through to the marketplace as powerfully as it could and it limits your opportunities. Prospects can’t discern how you’re different from their status quo, and long-standing relationships still view you in decades-old light. Brand Leak can block inner-circle referrals, limit professional intimacy, increase fee pressure and hinder cross-selling opportunities.

What is Unique StoryTM?

Unique Story is the true nature of what makes your organization different from everyone else who claims to do what you do. It’s the essence of why people are drawn to be in relationship with you. Unique Story sits just below your conscious thinking. It’s embedded in the culture of your organization, your relationships with your team and your fireside chats with prospects, clients and centers of influence. Every great firm has one – it’s simply a matter of drawing it out.
unique story

Traditional branding actually limits your firm’s potential…

We believe the traditional connotation of branding-as-a-sales-and-marketing-tool is limiting. Branding seen in this light isolates the use of your story to certain conversations and conference rooms. 

Second Summer embraces a broader approach: Unique Story Culture. 

In this light, Unique Story actually has greater impact on sales and marketing. However, its reach is far broader. It deepens your best existing client relationships. It captures the secret sauce of the firm’s founders as your next generation of leadership strives to carry your story forward. It helps you recruit great-fit team members. And it flows outside of your firm into the circles and communities that matter to you most, allowing each and every individual to understand the value derived from being in relationship with your firm.