Client Comments

“As a result of Second Summer’s approach, instead of simply saying we’re unique, our language captures the underlying Why of our value. This is very different than traditional branding that might offer some visuals and some copy, but fails to pull out the true voice of the company.” Read More

Ryan Barradas & Tim Young
Managing Partners
WealthPoint, LLC
Client Since 2008

“Jennifer’s work has resulted in, several very tangible benefits. She helped to overhaul the community’s perception of our firm – from product specialists to a comprehensive planning firm. Through ongoing coaching, she guided a change in the very paradigm of how we do business – from planning for free to fee-based financial planning, and imbued us with the confidence to charge for our experience and knowledge. In short, she helped me to consistently work on my business, not just in my business, resulting in a total transformation of my practice.” Read More

Rick Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
Phillips Financial
Client Since 1999

“I knew intuitively that we were missing something essential in terms of how we captured and communicated our value, but I was too close to it to unearth the missing elements. Around the same time, I had the good fortune of reconnecting with Jennifer Summer Tolman. Her company, Second Summer, is a brand development and brand coaching firm that specializes in working with financial and professional services firms who in turn work in affluent and well-insulated markets.” Read More

Joe Strazzeri
Counselor and Attorney for Successful Families and Business Owners
Strazzeri Mancini LLP Wealth Strategies Collaborative
Client Since 2016

“I am proud to say that I was Jennifer’s first client back in 1994. We worked together intensively for nearly a decade. In the 90’s, I was antsy to move dramatically up market and work with super affluent families. Jennifer was young and hungry to be impactful. She was tenacious, creative and had an incredible ability to think strategically, outside of the proverbial box. All of these characteristics proved to be extremely effective at getting the attention of my Forbes 400 prospects. Perhaps like you, if I get the at-bat, I can close the business. Our collaboration opened the doors for me to produce a multi-seven-figure revenue result for my firm.” Read More

Fred Churchley
Churchley Financial Group
Client since 1994

“I have always placed a great deal of value on the power of language, both written and spoken. Yet, I felt there was more to our unique approach than we were able to articulate from our own intellects. We needed a partner to draw out our deeper thinking, and craft language that balanced new elegance with our familiar style.” Read More

Jim Hebets
The Hebets Company
Client Since 2018

“The quality of Jennifer’s work is outstanding. She is both creative and effective in her ability to once and for all, differentiate us in an incredibly confusing marketplace. Before meeting Jennifer, I was never motivated to invest money in branding. In her work, I can see the return on investment inherent to getting it done right.”

Scott Fithian
Founder, The Legacy Companies
Mentor Since 2002

Bob Veres Interview Excerpt, Insider Information, April 2020

Bill Glubiak, CEO of Cedarbrook Group in Cleveland, OH is no stranger to marketing; in his former life he worked for the largest marketing firm in Cleveland. Even so, when the 2008-9 Great Recession crisis rolled through the financial services industry, Glubiak realized that his firm really didn’t have a strong identity in the marketplace. “We had a name but not a brand”, he says. Read More

Bill Glubiak
Founding Principal
Cedar Brook Group
Client Since 2013

Your brand is more than just a lustrous dash of color in your logo and no one understands this better than Jennifer, who uses her keen insight and creative gifts to discover your true and personal story. Collaboration with Second Summer will bring your purposeful message to life and the personal growth you’ll experience in the process will allow for a deeper connection with your clients. In today’s world, this depth of authenticity and courage is rare and has never been more valuable. Jennifer is on a never-ending quest to not only tell your unique story, but to help you live it. Read More

Marty Miller, Partner
Strategy & Resources, LLC