“I am proud to say that I was Jennifer’s first client back in 1994. We worked together intensively for nearly a decade. In the 90’s, I was antsy to move dramatically up market and work with super affluent families. Jennifer was young and hungry to be impactful. She was tenacious, creative and had an incredible ability to think strategically, outside of the proverbial box. All of these characteristics proved to be extremely effective at getting the attention of my Forbes 400 prospects. Perhaps like you, if I get the at-bat, I can close the business. Our collaboration opened the doors for me to produce a multi-seven-figure revenue result for my firm. 


If you’re happy with the status quo of your business, Second Summer’s approach may not be for you. However, if you’re looking to inject some excitement into your business, Jennifer’s work is worth the investment in spades. She is a rare professional who shows up with the same commitment, persistancy and accountability as the high-performing advisors she works with. And she has an uncanny creative ability to get the attention of the affluent and super affluent prospects many of us desire to engage. In fact, the work we did together is still producing referrals and references in my business today.”

Fred Churchley
Churchley Financial Group
Client since 1994