“I have always placed a great deal of value on the power of language, both written and spoken. Yet, I felt there was more to our unique approach than we were able to articulate from our own intellects. We needed a partner to draw out our deeper thinking, and craft language that balanced new elegance with our familiar style.

We have found Jennifer and her firm to possess all of these characteristics. She’s quick on the uptake. With her 25-year knowledge base of our industry, she misses none of the nuances. She has also been able to quickly learn our speak while playing it back to us with a fresh spin. We believe this is virtually impossible to find in an outside consultant.

We have also discovered a key piece of the branding puzzle that we would not have known to look for. Because Jennifer has a creative background yet also a business and coaching background, she actively coaches us on how to roll out the materials and use them in the real world.”

Jim Hebets
The Hebets Company
Client Since 2018