“I knew intuitively that we were missing something essential in terms of how we captured and communicated our value, but I was too close to it to unearth the missing elements. Around the same time, I had the good fortune of reconnecting with Jennifer Summer Tolman. Her company, Second Summer, is a brand development and brand coaching firm that specializes in working with financial and professional services firms who in turn work in affluent and well-insulated markets.

We have made a substantial investment in collaborating with her over the past two years. Her work has restored a childlike sense of exuberance in me.

Second Summer’s model begins with a diligent intake process. She digs beneath the language you’ve been using daily for decades and finds its strategic underpinning. She then attaches conceptual soundbites to your value that are unusual, elegant and incredibly effective.

The process helped us realize that we were more special than our material, and our material wasn’t as special as we thought. We also realized that, while any one of my partners or team members could soulfully touch someone in a meeting, we hadn’t captured our collective magic, and we didn’t have a means of predictably replicating our story person-to-person, day-to-day. Fortunately, Second Summer is built to solve the problem, not just diagnose it.”

Joe Strazzeri
Counselor and Attorney for Successful Families and Business Owners
Strazzeri Mancini LLP Wealth Strategies Collaborative
Client Since 2016