“Jennifer’s work has resulted in, several very tangible benefits. She helped to overhaul the community’s perception of our firm – from product specialists to a comprehensive planning firm. Through ongoing coaching, she guided a change in the very paradigm of how we do business – from planning for free to fee-based financial planning, and imbued us with the confidence to charge for our experience and knowledge. In short, she helped me to consistently work on my business, not just in my business, resulting in a total transformation of my practice.

Jennifer’s approach is highly inclusive firm-wide. She coaches my partners and next generation leadership, and even our Communications Coordinator, regarding the use of our story in their particular spheres of influence. Because they hear the strategy directly from her, they feel part of the collaborative design, and have become vested in using it daily.

Interestingly enough, our work on our quite distinctive “Unique Story” as she calls it, has helped me to integrate the guiding philosophies of my personal and family life with my business life. It has been a powerful reinforcement to see this descriptive alignment come alive on paper and in my relationships.

I am a firm believer that in life, there’s only one way to coast. If you’re not always improving, things are inherently moving backwards. Jennifer keeps us constantly focused on strategic points of progress in both business development and messaging. The momentum she helps us create and sustain is worth the investment many times over.”

Rick Phillips
Chief Executive Officer
Phillips Financial
Client Since 1999