“As a result of Second Summer’s approach, instead of simply saying we’re unique, our language captures the underlying Why of our value. This is very different than traditional branding that might offer some visuals and some copy, but fails to pull out the true voice of the company.

In our experience, there are a lot of approaches that focus on what a company wants to say to their marketplace. In contrast, Second Summer’s approach captured the elements of our value cycle that our clients and referral sources most want to hear. She has given us a voice with our most important relationships – one that’s highly authentic for us, and resonates deeply with our prospects, clients and referral sources.

In addition, the breadth and depth of Second Summer’s approach pulls our message through every element of our communication and even through our firm’s internal culture. It drives how we think and communicate, person to person, day to day and rainmaker to rainmaker.

Lastly, Second Summer’s model goes beyond brand development and into an area they call brand coaching. In our experience, without the coaching aspect, the story is isolated to words on paper. Coaching helps us understand how to use our story, and to be accountable to using it firm-wide.”

Ryan Barradas & Tim Young
Managing Partners
WealthPoint, LLC
Client Since 2008