The Power to Choose

How great relationships drive
impact and bottom-line results

When you first planted your flag of entrepreneurship, you learned that success is defined by moving the ball forward. Back then, if you spotted a prospect, success equaled getting a first meeting. After the first meeting, success equaled getting a second meeting and then securing a new client. You learned to evaluate the quality of the client based on how they looked on paper: did their needs and demographics match your services and targets?

Fast forward multiple decades and you’ve earned the right to be more selective about the people, personalities and relationships with whom you choose to engage. Yet old habits die hard. There are loads of carefully amassed muscle memory around the fact that success equals converting opportunities to clients.

Shared Purpose ® relationships

The gratitude flows in both directions

The give/receive dynamic flows so naturally, you forget who hired who

Permission & Inquiry: the secondary decision point for bringing in new clients

When you become exceedingly clear about your Unique Story, it creates an opportunity to relearn how success is measured. You’ve earned the right to insert a secondary decision point into the onboarding of new clients. The first decision point is the one you’ve carried for decades.

Do the prospect’s demographic profile and needs align with your service offerings and business model? The second is relational: do they have the potential to be a Shared Purpose client? Both influence your bottom line.

Permission & Inquiry speaks to this secondary decision point. It reminds us to give ourselves permission to pause and notice what’s happening in the early interactions with a new prospect or potential center of influence. It shifts your muscle memory to a state of inquiry.

Unique Story

The distillation of your passions, values and belief systems

The fundamental behavior and philosophies that draw people into relationship with your firm

Do you light up with excitement in anticipation of spending time with the prospect? Do you buoy each other’s spirits? Is there mutual intellectual stimulation in play?

When you catalyze your Unique Story into the marketplace of opportunity, it has the power to increase your awareness regarding the quality of your longstanding and potential new relationships. It raises your antenna about the qualities you celebrate most in relationships. You begin to stand on your own soap box of Shared Purpose, firmly planting your flag for ideal relationships.

Unique Story allows you to notice who’s leaning in during your initial conversations with new prospects, and who’s leaning away. Those that lean in have the potential to be highly generative: both financially and relationally.

Relationships are the pathway through which we impact the lives and livelihoods of others. Shared Purpose relationships have the most prolific impact on your bottom line, while stimulating the greatest innovation, learning and growth for all parties. They inherently allow you to increase the power and reach of your life’s work. Practicing Permission & Inquiry reminds us that indeed, we have a choice, and if we give ourselves the gift of inquiry, we can choose impact every time.

Business Impact of Shared Purpose relationships

Greatest innovation and idea generation

Ease of cross-selling

Cherished inner circle referrals

Decreased preparation time

Lowest fee sensitivity

Financial rewards flow naturally

Shorter sales cycle


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