Right-Fit Firms

Second Summer works with firms that believe in the long-term journey of creating a Unique Story Culture. As such, we engage with clients who believe in the value of an ongoing partnership, as opposed to a point-in-time project. 

Since 1994, we've devoted our focus to a core niche...

  • Private, independent financial services firms
  • $1 million to $30 million or more of annual revenue
  • Seasoned advisors and firms – in the business 15 to 30 years or more
  • Working in affluent, super-affluent or well-insulated markets
  • Many of our clients work in the qualitative or values-based space

In addition, we intentionally foster a handful of relationships outside of financial services. We have found the challenges of Brand Leak and the opportunities embedded Unique Story apply wholeheartedly to high-end service-based industries at risk of commoditization. Unique Story is also highly applicable to affluent families who wish to capture and codify the essence of their family culture.

The Shared Purpose Filter

Clients who derive the greatest value from our model share these relationship priorities…

  • We buoy each other’s spirit & intellect
  • We celebrate compassion and candor
  • The relationship itself is a multiplier for creativity
  • We don’t have to ask permission to innovate
  • The gratitude flows in both directions
  • If it’s important to one of us, it’s heard by both of us
  • Our work is our Life’s Work