Experience Shared Purpose®

The Shared Purpose Cycle is Second Summer’s Intrinsic Value Cycle. Together, we deploy our IVC on your behalf, and in doing so, reveal your firm’s IVC. Our Cycle is based on our firm’s core value: the quality of your relationships is a key driver for maximizing the reach and impact of your Life’s Work.

Phase One: Capture Your Conviction

When we meet firms who’ve previously been through a branding process, they often remark that the end result didn’t feel authentically them. Either they never pulled the trigger to launch the brand, or they weren’t in love with the brand they launched. 

journey artwork

In our model, we lead deep discovery, exploring the conscious and subconscious thinking of your firm’s owners and key rainmakers. In doing so, we unearth the common pearls of wisdom that have attracted your existing Shared Purpose relationships. Then we package that intellectual capital into specific themes and language. This is your unique recurring cycle of behavior – your Intrinsic Value Cycle – private-labeled as your Unique Story.

Capture Your Conviction is a process that is of-you not at-you. We know that as long as we partner in Shared Purpose with brilliant people, together, we will invite your Unique Story into the room.

Phase Two: Step Into Your Story

Many traditional branding approaches identify a look-and-feel, and then apply
it to a logo, website or brochure. These approaches are often limited to producing project deliverables. The process ends before the rubber-meets-the-road. How do you infuse your new Unique Story into every conversation and everyday life?

Over the past 25 years of coaching independent firms working in affluent and well-insulated markets, we have found that once you have your Unique Story, the boots-on-the-ground deployment isn’t all that obvious. If left to your firm to champion on its own, it will often fizzle.

In the Step Into Your Story phase, our mutual journey expands into Brand Coaching. This is where firms derive return on investment from the Brand Development phase. It’s the ROI of your financial investment, yet likewise your investment of time and intellectual capital.

We provide tools, processes and coaching for your owners, rainmakers and non-rainmaking team members to fully internalize and integrate your new story into your daily work life. We role-play, brainstorm and strategize how to comfortably use it with prospective clients and centers of influence, yet equally so for areas such as internal strategic planning, decision making and recruiting. Brand Coaching helps you to utilize your Unique Story in unexpected ways with expanded financial rewards.

When you have conviction about how to articulate your Life’s Work, and you understand how to use it effectively, you become a magnet and a filter for Shared Purpose. Your story will draw potential Shared Purpose relationships into deeper dialogue quickly, revealing early-stage signs of lighting each other up. It will become an awareness filter for others who are perhaps demographically qualified but aren’t likely to engage in relationship at the depth to which you aspire.

Phase Three: The Exchange Experience

The Exchange Experience is the natural outcome of a Shared Purpose relationship. It’s those moments of slow-motion magic in which you’re doing your best work in your best relationships. At this third stage, you’ll experience the predictability of attracting – not just more clients – but more of the clients you love the most. Relationship chemistry is no longer left to chance.

Lastly, The Shared Purpose Cycle is a recurring model. We coach you to Re-Capture Your Conviction, taking a pause to unpack those magical moments and internalize their nuances. Doing so allows you to operate from an even deeper level of clarity about why your best relationships were drawn to you. When you Step Into Your Story again, you do so as a more precise and powerful magnet for Shared Purpose.